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Through Novo Food operations in Iceland and Poland the company can offer its customers total solutions with full range of products fresh and frozen as well as other processing including
smoked, marinated, salted or canned


Wild Catch

Whole fish, fillets, loins and portion. Produced from raw material caught by our own small boats in the Westfjords of Iceland as well as the local fishermen.

Farmed fish

Thanks to close relationship with Arctic Fish which is operating hatchery, fish farm as well as own production in Iceland we are able to offer our customers fresh rainbow trout fillets and portions.


Salmon and trout

Fillets, portions, scrape meat, hamburgers and sausages

Ground fish

Fillets, portions and roes

Pelagic fish

Herring and mackerel, whole round and fillets

Other Processing


Salmon, herring, mackerel, sprats and several other possibilities both cold and hot smoked.


Rollmops, salads and other products based on marinated herring.


Herring products and roes


Main emphasis on production in Iceland of pure cod liver smoked or natural and pâté based on cod liver and roes